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Touch Tutor

  • Company :GMMDU
  • Category :e-Learning

Touch Tutor is an e-learning platform developed for the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University. The solution facilitates learning of university courses through tablet devices and the administration thereof. It consists of a tablet based application from which learners can access course resources and take tests as well as a web accessed administration portal from which facilitators can set up these courses, track student activity and perform other related activities.

The mobile application is compatible with any Android based device and allows students to access all material uploaded and set up by administrators from the administrator web application. Using the application, students will be able to access course resources such as lessons, tutorial videos, PDFs and presentations relating to each course they are registered to. Students will also be able to take tests on these modules to test their knowledge and allow educators to track their progress.

The web based application will allow educators to setup courses by registering students, uploading course material, creating tests and defining custom course menu layouts and interfaces. Course tests are fully customisable and allow users to create multiple questions and provide a number of different answering methods such as text and number answers, multiple choice, true or false, matching and multiple response. From the admin portal in depth reporting on student results and activities will also be provided.

The application’s main functionalities include:

  • Integration between mobile application and web based admin application
  • Allow educators to set up courses and upload course materials
  • Creation of course tests and analysis of results
  • Students access to tests and course material
  • Fully customisable courses and interfaces
  • In depth reporting capabilities on student activities and results

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